5 Ways to Cut Down Costs on your CNC Machining Parts

Did you know there are various ways to cut down the cost of CNC machining parts? How so? Well. You must follow some guidelines that will put you in a better position to make a better judgment when it comes to such parts. Here are 5 ways to cut down costs on your CNC machining parts.

Optimizing the choice of the material

Materials can affect the overall cost when they are raw materials or products that can be machinable. When you go for a less expensive material but hard to machine, the overall will become expensive. On the other hand, when a material is moderately expensive and is easy to machine, the overall costs of such materials become low.

Generally, it’s wise to go for softer raw materials as they take a short time to machine and will require affordable tools. Additionally, hazardous materials that require you to take precautions will add some bucks to the overall cost of materials.

Always Go for Quantities and Turnaround time

It’s important to note that CNC machining is cost-effective when you produce large quantities of materials. This is because the CNC milling produces will directly affect the cost. Quantities under 10000 pieces are quite cost-effective.

Another factor that will affect costs is the time frame you desire your products. Getting your products in parts will be affordable compared to getting all products at a go.

Effective Finishes

Surface finishing and treatments like special coating, as well as anodizing will add to the overall cost. It is therefore wise to evaluate them effectively. For instance, when you add various types of processes or various types of surface finishing this will affect the overall cost.

Avoid Complicated Part Geometry

The dimension and size of a CNC part have an influence on the overall costs. Huge CNC machining parts would require huge materials. Furthermore, complicated parts will need multiple processes, which will affect the overall costs. But you need to note that not all complex materials are costly. For one, if you have a complex material, it can be less expensive when you use different designing components and then join them after you finish machining.

Avoiding Thin Walls

Parts that are considered thin with 0.794mm (1/32 in) measurements are not the best options for CNC machining. These walls can cause distortion, making tolerance too difficult to maintain. It will further ensure slow speed in machines, and chatter which adds to the overall cost and operational time. Going for sheet metal fabrication will be a suitable process for such thin walls.


These are some ways to keep you in a better position to cut down costs. It’s important to seek consultation services from Cheshire Seals and Components in your designing phase. This will help you avoid designing expensive or complicated parts to your machines. We will help you create a cost-effective¬†design for manufacturing which reduces the total amount spent. Feel free to reach out and get to enjoy affordable CNC machining.