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3D Printing

Following a successful introductory programme, we are now able to offer our customers a 3D component printing service, using our professional-quality in-house dual-extrusion fused filament fabrication (FFF) printer. Parts up to 330 x 240 x 300mm can be produced.

Especially useful for early development prototypes, this is a lower-cost process compared to machining from solid metal or plastic, and allows for your designs to be physically reviewed and assembly trials performed prior to committing to final geometry, minimising risk to you.

The manufacturing process is quick and allows multiple iterations of a given design to be manufactured, allowing you to find an optimised solution to your project. Different nozzle / funnel geometries can be trialled with ease.


The FFF process can also be used for finished products, such as complex brackets, component guards, manufacturing / inspection jigs, and assembly tools. Highly complex geometries are achievable, including those which would be otherwise impossible to manufacture using conventional machining techniques. Even components such as low torque gear pairs with bespoke ratios can be produced.

3D component printing
FFF Process for 3D printing


Our printer is capable of extruding a very wide range of plastic materials, with dual-extrusion technology allowing composite components to be manufactured and with print layer heights as low as 0.02mm possible. With total control over the layer heights, we can adjust these to balance print speed with visual quality. For example, this allows us to generate a number of prototype variations quickly, followed by a higher quality “final” prototype. We can also incrementally adjust the level of internal “fill” either to create solid parts, or ones with a lightweight internal honeycomb matrix – which results in components with a lower weight but comparable stiffness to a solid part.

Working for you

Cheshire Seals & Components can either work with your existing 3D files (a wide range of formats can be accepted) or alternatively we can create the 3D geometry on your behalf, using your supplied drawings or sketches.

Please contact us for a competitive quote for your next project, and to hear about the range of materials we can offer – including ABS, Nylon, PLA, Polycarbonate, Polypropylene, along with many more.

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