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Food & Drink

Special attention to material selection is always necessary when supplying to our customers in this sector – as food safety and hygiene hold equal importance to performance and accuracy.

We can manufacture your parts in self-lubricating food-safe /FDA-approved plastics and elastomers, including (but not limited to) PTFE, UHMWPE, Acetal, and PEEK. We will work with you to select an appropriate material to compliment your maximum operating temperatures and cleaning requirements.

Food &

In order to work within your existing quality/foreign object detection processes, we can source dyed material – blue is a commonly specified colour for this purpose – and we can also source magnetically detectable plastics which are impregnated with a ferrous additive.

In addition to food-safe plastics, we also supply 316 stainless steel components.

We regularly machine geometrically critical parts such as extrusion nozzles for snack bars, large diameter chutes for packaging of cereals, and a huge variety of dispensers and depositors.

Food and drink sector
Food and drink sector

Food &

Cheshire Seals and Components also have considerable experience supplying high-temperature and food-safe seals for use in the brewing and bottling industries.

We understand that manufacturers and producers in this sector may not have access to CAD packages – our engineering team can take your simple design sketch or worn component and realise this into 3D data and technical drawings suitable for manufacture – and to simplify repeat orders.

Printed Components

In order to suit your product development program, we can iterate your designs – for example, we can provide otherwise identical nozzles with a variety of different apertures to allow different geometries of a trial product to be extruded.

Our ability to create 3D printed components is also of significant interest to our customers with high-speed production lines – as we are able to produce replacement wear strips, guides, covers, clips etc. easily, and supply these to you rapidly.

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