CNC Precision Engineering Services

Cheshire Seals and Components are experts in machining any part from any material. We manufacture high-quality components to your specifications, with tight tolerances and professional finishing.

Whether you need a one-off for a specialist project, or a full production run of thousands of parts, Cheshire Seals and Components offers you leading CNC Machining services in Cheshire and all across the North West.

Precision Engineering

Our team of qualified, highly skilled machinists have decades of experience working with CNC machines. We offer you milling, turning, and grinding services for the aerospace, automotive, and pharmaceutical industries.

Our engineers aim to provide you with the highest quality standards on all custom precision parts. We value our reputation as one of the leading CNC companies in the United Kingdom.

We adhere to ISO:9001 quality standards, ensuring you get a world-class part available in any material. With Cheshire Seals and Components, you get tight tolerances and the best service.

CNC Machining

At Cheshire Seals and Components, we utilize the latest technology in CNC machining to bring your designs to life. Our cutting edge systems produce parts in all sizes, from something as small as a valve stem to the largest one-off projects or production runs.

We believe that investing in leading CNC machines and software systems is paramount to keeping our business at the forefront of the industry. All you need to do is send us your CAD file, and we’ll make your design a reality.

Our local team in Warrington has decades of combined experience in CNC machining and engineering. We create precision CNC parts for all industries, providing specialist machining services in all materials such as plastic machining and metal machining.

Contact our consulting team, and we’ll arrange a quote for your project. We have an easy four-step process for creating your precision parts.

  • Step 1 – Send us your CAD files or your drawings.
  • Step 2 – We machine your custom part to your specifications and provide you with a prototype.
  • Step 3 – After receiving approval, we’ll produce any quantity of your prototype.
  • Step 4 – We arrange delivery of your order to your premises, anywhere in the UK.

Metal Machining

At Cheshire Seals and Components, we specialize in precision machining in a range of metals. Our expert engineers have plenty of experience working with all types of metals. When you place your prototype order with us, you can expect a sample that meets your expectations.

Contact us for assistance with the precision machining of any metal or alloy. Some of the materials we machine are the following.

  • Titanium machining
  • Mild steel machining
  • Aluminium machining
  • Stainless steel machining
  • Tool steel machining
  • Brass machining
  • Copper machining

When you hire Cheshire Seals and Components, we work with you to ensure you get the prototype you want. Our team understands your need for custom requirements, and we’ll ensure we know what you want before we start production.

Plastic Machining

Our advanced CNC technology allows us to machine a wide range of plastic materials. We specialise in producing plastic precision parts providing optimal service life, temperature resistance, and wear resistance through our precision engineering services.

Our CNC machining, turning, cutting, routing, milling, and drilling services are available for any plastic. We carry a full range of engineering plastics, as well as specialist and fabrication grades suitable for any project.

We also offer machining in food-grade plastics for pharmaceutical and food industry applications. Our metal-detecting plastics come in self-lubricating anti-static grades to suit your project requirements.

Our plastic CNC machining services are also available for glass-based and industrial laminate options like Tufnol. Contact our service centre and talk to us about your requirements. We’ll get an engineer on the line to help you finalise your project.

Fully ISO Registered

Cheshire Seals and Components adheres to stringent ISO:9001 quality management standards. Our world-class quality systems ensure you get systematic reproduction of all precision parts to your tolerances and quality standards.

Cheshire Seals and Components is your partner in CNC machining in the UK. We control our processes from onboarding your project to its delivery at your premises. You can rely on us for precision, quality, reliability and performance in all your CNC projects.

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Cheshire Seals and Components offers you a leading CNC machining service at a reasonable price. Contact us today and speak with one of our consultants for a competitive quote.