The production of prismatic parts in an industry like seals, partitions and covers require a different kind of production like milling, drilling, boring, tapping and many more related machining processes. Way back, these processes had to be divided into many working categories. The operation of different tools also saw the completion of the finished product. This resulted in a high cost and delivery time -To eliminate this issue; a CNC machine tool centre was introduced.

Lathing, milling and drilling operations within a single machine device allow only a single machine to perform a greater and better variety of different machining needs. Therefore, the CNC machine centre purposes on reducing production advanced mechanisms and time in a CNC machine centre. The mechanisms used include:

  • Automatic tools charger
  • Automatic pallet charger
  • CNC servo system
  • Recirculating balls nut and screw
  • Classification of CNC Machine Centres

CNC machine centre is classified depending on the configuration, which includes:

  • Vertical Machine Centre
  • Horizontal Machine Centre
  • Universal Machine Centre

1. Vertical Machining Centre

This machine allows for multiple jobs to be conducted with just a single setting. Most of the vertical machining centres feature three axes. Some also have the spindle head function, which is rotatable by either one or two axes.

The vertical machining centre is best suitable for processing an engraving surface. Some of the common vertical machining centres include multi spindles and gantry structures.

2. Horizontal Machining Centre

The machining centre features a horizontal spindle, with the tool being mounted on the machine’s spindle with horizontal machining centres. The ATC will consist of replaceable magazines with the ability to restore multiple tools while holding up to 16-100 tool capacities. You can introduce an automatic pallet changer to reduce the unloading and loading time. The APC features 6-8 or even more pallets. This means you can set the work piece to be completed in the pallets while the machine is programmed to complete the previous pallets.

Here different programs might be required for the different tasks. However, due to the high material removal rates in such a process, the cutting tool volume has to be large. Therefore, the tool magazine requires a larger position on every tool, making the relative weight to be higher. Some machine tools also feature rotating functions responsible for rotating the whole spindle to make the horizontal axis of a spindle vertical. This allows for different operating approaches.

3. Universal Machine Centre

The universal machine centre is almost similar to the horizontal machining centre. The only difference lies in the spindle shaft, which can be continuously titled from horizontal to vertical positions with computer control. Universal machine centre features a five or even more axis, which allows the work piece top surface to be easily mounted with a horizontal machining centre. This makes it easier for the different sides of a work piece to be machined in a single unit.


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