The Good & The Bad Of CNC Machining

CNC or Computerized Numerical Control Machining consists of a technique that is utilised for performing a list of manufacturing tasks. All of the tasks are executed by computerised devices. CNC Machines were able to successfully replace the traditional manual machines by seeking the assistance of CAM (Computer Aided Machining) and CAD (Computer-Aided Design).

A programming language is utilised for controlling the newer CNC machines for carrying out a plethora of tasks using excellent accuracy. Such machines also enable an increased automated control that enhances productivity. Just like any other thing, CNC machining also possesses good stuff as well as drawbacks. Let us delve into them today.

The Good About CNC Machining

  • A skilled and professional engineer can create and produce the same component multiple times. But they will undoubtedly vary by a slight margin under proper assessment and study. However, a CNC Machine is always going to manufacture every component like an exact match.
  • With CNC machines, you can easily utilise them 24×7 on a continuous loop without exhaustion. They will function smoothly for 365 days and beyond. The only time for it to be turned off arises from occasional maintenance.
  • Once you turn on and program your CNC machines for functioning, then a single person will be needed for supervision. They are built in such a way that they don’t require the help of humans and can function independently. Occasional replacement of the cutting tools is the only time that they will need human help.
  • CNG can be easily operated by people with less training and skill too. On the other hand, skilled engineers are required for handling the milling machines and manual lathes.
  • The software features a modern design, which enables the designer to successfully stimulating their manufacturing idea. It also saves both money and time since you don’t have to create a model or prototype.
  • By choosing to improve the software utilised in driving the machines, you get to successfully update the CNC machines.
  • You can use advanced design software like Pro/DESKTOP® for programming the CNC machines. It allows product manufacturing, which cannot be created using manual machines regardless of it being utilised by skilled engineers and designers.
  • Virtual software enables companies to train in the usage of CNC machinery. Here, this software enables the operator to begin practising by utilising the CNC machine right on the computer’s screen. This software has similarities to a PC game.

The Bad About CNC Machining

  • Less number of workers are needed for operating the CNC machines in comparison to machines that are manually operated. Also, investing in CNC machines causes unemployment in the economy.
  • In comparison to machines that are manually operated, CNC machines tend to be more costly. However, their costs are slowing down at the moment, which is a good sign.
  • The majority of the countries aren’t teaching students how to utilise lathes and milling machines that are manually operated. So, the students fail to learn and develop all the skills needed to become engineers. It consists of engineering and mathematical skills.
  • The operator of the CNC machines only requires a basic form of skills and training that is sufficient for supervising numerous machines. But back in the day, many past engineers had to learn the operation of milling machines, central lathes, and other machines that are manually operated through years of training. It means that the old skills are starting to disappear.