6 Amazing Examples of CNC Precision Engineering Applications

CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control. CNC precision engineering applications are used to create parts that are difficult or impossible to make with traditional manufacturing techniques. This is because the machine can do things in an extremely precise way, without any human error. The materials being cut by a CNC Precision Engineering Application depend on what industry it is being used in anything from wood, metal, plastics, and more can be done! Here are 6 examples of where you might see this type of technology in use:

1) Creating perfect circles

When a machine is programmed to make perfect circles, it can produce both large and small ones. This means that engineers can create things like the covers of metal pipes which are much more durable than traditional methods when cutting them.

2) Cutting intricate shapes into pieces of material

Whether it be a square, triangle or star-shaped hole, this type of precision and accuracy is hard to replicate by hand. This is a great way to create mechanical parts that require these specific shapes, such as gears.

CNC Precision Engineering Applications allow for the creation of things like gear teeth which are perfect because they do not have any errors or defects in their design.

3) Making jigs for other processes, such as welding:

A jig is a tool that helps to guide the process of welding. Sometimes, this can be done by hand, but other times it requires very precise measurements and therefore needs a specialized type of machine.

CNC Precision Engineering Applications allow for things like these to be made quickly and with great accuracy because there are no human errors involved in their creation.

4) Creating models and prototypes of parts

Before manufacturing a part that was designed on the computer, it is often useful to test out its design and make any modifications or changes if needed. This way, there will be no time wasted in having to remake something because of an error- which can also save money.

5) Cutting precise holes into parts for inserting bolts:

When a bolt goes into a part, it needs to be the perfect size for things to fit together correctly. This requires precise measurements and angles which is where CNC Precision Engineering Applications come in handy.

Creating holes that are accurate down to ten thousandths of an inch can only be done by such machines- this makes them very useful for this type of application.

6) Cutting small pieces from a larger part:

Sometimes it is only necessary to have a small piece cut from something larger, such as a bolt. This type of precision makes CNC Precision Engineering Applications very useful for things like this or creating replacement parts for machines that are otherwise difficult or impossible to replace.

This is just a shortlist of some of the various types of parts that can be created through CNC Precision Engineering, there are many more possibilities and variations! These machines provide us with an incredible number of capabilities, allowing for materials to be cut into specific shapes and sizes and it all happens without any human error.