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News: Cheshire Seals has been upgraded to ISO9001:2015 with zero non-conformances and a positive observation.

Cheshire Seals & Components (CS&C) are an independent manufacturer of machined parts in a wide variety of materials from Aluminium to Zirconium, taking in Duplex Stainless Steels and Nickel Alloys and many exotic metals through to Plastics and Rubbers for our Seals. We are capable of converting design concepts into finished products from one-off prototyping to full production runs. 
We provide products that are hardened and finished by grinding, plating or painting as required.




CS&C has the knowledge, expertise & experience needed to produce Advanced Engineered Plastic Parts from concept to working item.

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A wiper can be either single acting such as the A02 or double acting like the A11 and used in a hydraulic or pneumatic application.

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We carefully review every enquiry we receive, and will take the time to understand your exact machining requirements.

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The K01 Piston Seal

This is a seal design that was created over 30 years ago.

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Piston System for Delivery of Chemicals

Redesign and Build of Piston System for Delivery of

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