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Engineered Components

With CNC turning and both 3 and 4 axis CNC milling capability, we are well equipped to manufacture a broad spectrum of parts with exacting precision – everything from the simplest turned components to high pressure test equipment. Internal and external threads can also be machined, in a range of metric and imperial sizes. We design and manufacture all our own fixtures and tooling in-house, bespoke for each job.


We can turn parts up to 1.5m in length, with a maximum diameter of Ø550mm. Our turning capability includes bar feeding and power tooling – giving us flexibility to handle large production runs without compromising processing time, accuracy, or complexity.

Milling Capacity
Turning Capacity


We can mill components with nominal dimensions up to X=800 / Y = 500 / Z = 500mm.

Our customers use our engineered components in subsea, pharmaceutical, space industry, food production, laboratory, and many more applications– and know Cheshire Seals and Components can be relied upon to provide the parts in a timely manner, in the quality and quantity they need.


Unlike other machining companies, we do not just offer a limited range of Aluminium and Mild/Stainless Steels – we have years of experience sourcing and machining parts from far more unusual metals, including (but not limited to) Duplex / Super Duplex Steels, Hastelloy, Lanthanum, Tantalum, Aluminium-Bronze, Inconel superalloys, and Titanium. We understand the different machining and tooling requirements for all of these and more, to assure dimensional accuracy and a high-quality surface finish.

Plastics & Elastomers

We leverage our extensive knowledge of plastic and elastomeric materials to provide cost effective machined parts in those materials (including food-safe and FDA-approved variants) for use in a variety of applications. We can install threaded inserts in our plastic parts for applications where fasteners will be required. Depending on your application, high performance engineered plastics can be an excellent and cost-effective alternative to metals.

Plastics & Elastomers
Plastics & Elastomers

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