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Our automotive customers are able to realise benefits in their supply chain by working with Cheshire Seals and Components. Offerings of specific interest to this sector include:

  • Our ability to use our metrology equipment and experience to accurately measure parts with unknown provenance, allowing reverse engineering for remanufacture or benchmarking.
  • As an established manufacturer with links to a range of secondary service providers, we can manufacture parts to your finished condition, with hardened and/or ground surfaces, and low friction coatings (such as Xylan) applied. Carburised steel components with prescribed case depths, and hard-anodised aluminium parts can be provided.
  • Design, manufacture and supply of all types of seal – including radial lip/oil seals. Small runs with different levels of interference can be produced, allowing friction development and durability/performance to be assessed across the full tolerance range.


  • Manufacture of rubber/elastomeric bushes.
  • Our subcontract inspection services.
  • Off-the-shelf stock of O-rings in a variety of materials and sizes.
Automotive industry
Automotive industry


  • 3 and 4-axis milling of all metals, including titanium.
  • 3D printing of parts for design reviews, trials, development activities, and hard model sign-offs.
  • We can also mark your parts with our CNC engraver to ensure you are able to maintain traceability of part numbers and issue/revision levels.

Fast Tracking

We are able to consider and prioritise urgent jobs where a fast turnaround is required to ensure your development activities are kept on track, and unexpected test rig or dyno stoppages are minimised. For automotive restorers, niche or otherwise unusual seals and parts can be reverse engineered – particularly of relevance for historic restorations where live parts catalogues no longer exist.

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